I am passionately curious, so am interested in all sorts of things, possibly fleetingly, yet intensely

A sucker for comfortable beds and silk pillowcases who won't eat McDonald's, yet am very happy to sleep rough and sample the weirdest of local delicacies when I travel. I feel at home in Camden - vibrant, cosmopolitain, ever changing, loud and laid-back, hilarious and wise, spiritual and non-judgemental, full of genuine talent and husslers alike, very real and yet kind of magical.

I am very comfortable with refined and exquisite, polite and classy, as well as geeky, high-brow and plain silly. Really enjoy proper dancing that has some cultural background to it, not just standing in a circle in the dark convulsing or imitating group ape sex. Off to Florence in June to study Italian and cooking (eating and drinking whilst chatting really), am considering stunt driving and intend to get a proper motorbike this year. Saw some paragliders up in the sky last weekend... Where do I get the time to do it all, huh?!
When I'm not saving the world I like to sit/stand/lay under trees, see family and friends that live across ponds of various depth/size from me, practice mindfulness, people-watch and learn. Up until recently my travelling used to be extensive yet pretty tame, so now I'd like to get more adventurous and be able to immerse in an aboriginal culture as much as possible.

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Anne Daniel, I would have loved to stay for the Olympics! Lucky dog you! I am a teacher and have to be back before school year...BOO! How do we go about keeping in contact with all the backpackers of interest? Have you figured out a way?
Natalia Guys, are you planning to be in Italy around June 01-16? All I've got at the moment are return tickets to Florence and am up for whatever comes my way! I'm 32 and that would be my first time in Italy. I could definitely do with some company :)
6 years ago
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