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smiley16anchal Hey guys! I'm 19 years old and currently in Greece for an AIESEC exchange. I will finish mid-June and plan on travelling for 3 weeks before returning home to Canada! I really want to travel around Italy and Spain so if anyone is interested please hit me up! Dates: June 15-July 5 :) Cheers ! x
Nicholas Xue Yan Zhou
Nicholas Xue Yan Zhou Hello fellow AIESECer! I thought I was the only one on this board. But I should have known that it's only a matter of time until other AIESECers post here. After all, traveling the world is part of the AIESEC spirit! I will be in London June 18 and my trip will end in Athens on July 8. I will be visiting London, Amsterdam, Paris (2nd time), somewhere in Spain or Italy, then visiting my friends in Athens. Hit me up on Facebook for more details. [=
6 years ago
Nicholas Xue Yan Zhou

Nicholas Xue Yan Zhou I studied in Paris last year in June and fell in love with ... the atmosphere and adrenaline rush that comes with all the unknown. Like Hemingway, I felt very lucky to live in Paris as a young man. But I don't want to settle on just Paris, I want to experience Europe in all her glory. Like everyone on this page, I am fully aware of the obligations life will be throwing at me once I graduate with my master degree in business this May. Before I have to shift my focus to being a career-oriented Asian, why not indulge in one last-hurrah when I still have a chance? I have worked my butt off 60 hours a week, almost 7 days a week for more than 1 full year in anticipation of this summer.

I am loud and quiet, fun and collected, fortune-cookie-message-telling, adventure-seeking, Michelin-Guide-checking, student / intern / dj / AIESECer from the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

I do not have a firm itinerary at this point and am open to travel with a group of like-minded, cultural people to visit nations such as the UK (London), Spain (Barcelona and Ibiza), Italy (Rome and Florence), Germany (Berlin and Munich), Morocco, Egypt (Cairo), France (Paris again), Poland (Warsaw), Denmark (Copenhagen), Portugal (Lisbon), Greece (Athens), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), and so on. I do not want to spend all my time in concrete jungle!

So if you would like to talk more about this epic journey of our lifetime, feel free to add me on Facebook:

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