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I'm Nick, i'm 32 and currently living in Lincolnshire, UK. Early on in 2012, given i had no debt or responsibilities, i was able to start planning a year abroad in New Zealand. I originally thought i was a little old for this kind of adventure but plunged into it head first and always thought for the best.
My flights are booked and i leave Blightly for LA to visit a friend on 21st Feb 2013. After a week of catching up (drinking) and enjoying LA (drinking) i'm heading out to Fiji on my own for a couple of weeks of exploring and relaxing. Mainly to split the long flight from LA, i thought Fiji looked really nice and i sure do like the sound of 'island hopping' for a few days.
I'll be touching down in Auckland, where i start my NZ adventure on Thursday 14th March. Initially i have enough savings to do my own thing (within limits - they'll be no 5* hotels that's for sure!) but work must be found if i'm to stay out the duration of my Visa.
As mentioned above, from Fiji onwards i'm on my todd so if we're going to cross paths or you want to contact me if you're in Fiji or NZ at the same time, feel free (follow me @onlythegreek on Twitter). I'm very easy to get along with, always up for a laugh and am usually considered a genuinely nice guy. I'd love nothing more than to get together with a group of guys and girls who are in the same situation and have an amazing time!
It's going to be one heck of an adventure and it's just around the corner.

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Nick Endean

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