Hey everyone! I'm Nicole and i’m very, very excited to start travelling! I’m in the process of finishing college, so I really want to take advantage of the freedom and free time I have over school breaks! Most of my friends aren’t really interested in travelling at this point, so I’m hoping to meet other fun and interesting people who are ready to put their passports to good use!:)

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Nicole Hey there everyone! I stumbled across this trip and i'm beyond interested if the trip is set for next summer, (sometime between June and the 1st of September...I still have to work around my college breaks!) Have any dates or itineraries been set yet? I sent a few of you who posted recently messages, too! Please keep me posted-I'd love to be a part of the planning process once the details start:)
jules_d hi Nicole.. looks like I have the same time frame in mind.. pls. keep me posted if you and/or other trekkers you know have your dates set.. cheers!
6 years ago
esther i have to work around my college breaks too!! anytime between june and september works for me. i've been wanting to climb kili for years already!!!
5 years ago
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