Hi, I'm an Irish guy hoping to go travelling this summer. I have travelled a good bit but haven't done anything like this before! No route planned out yet but some places I would like to visit are; Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Bled, Budapest, Krakow, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Bucharest, Sofia and Athens. It's a pretty big list so I'm expecting to have to cut some of them out.

In terms of what I'm looking for in a travel partner, I'm just looking for someone who is out to enjoy themselves like me. I like a good time so I would like a person who likes to do a bit of partying, not anything crazy, just a few nights out. I love music too, its a big passion of mine.

If you are interested in the places I want to go and think we will get along send me a message and hopefully we can get something sorted :)

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JoeCullen Hey. I'm looking to do something similar in the summer this year. I'm 22 from UK and looking for people to travel with. Anyone let me know if interested!
toriaugs Planning on starting in Dublin and then into the UK and then onto mainland Europe. I should have my trip plans up in the next couple days (or today...)! I'm a 20 year old female from the US ( Florida) and am looking at about a month and a half of travel time sometime during late May/June/July/early August.
4 years ago
Taylor H.
Taylor H. Hey there! I am 22 year old female from the US (michigan) and plan to start my trip early july in italy and travel through europe until mid-august. Im looking for people to travel with so message me if your interested!
4 years ago
oleary91 22 year old guy from Ireland here. Would be very interested in this!
4 years ago
cathyha I'm planning to start in Manchester, tour UK then the rest of Europe. Starting late June and going into late July. Very interested in your trip and looking for people to travel with. Let me know how your planning is going!
3 years ago
oleary91 Hey, I'm really interested in this trip. I'm from Ireland too! Are you still going ahead with it?
Keira Hey so sorry.. been really busy with thesis deadlines and uni work.. ya still planning on it! should be booking flights this week... have you made any more plans?
4 years ago
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