I consider myself a citizen of planet Earth. Born in Moscow, Russia. Now live in the US. Thinking about moving to Central America to settle, after I complete traveling the world. Usually on a shoe string budget. My body can take what my wallet cannot.

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Olga Wow. I have not been on this site for a while. My life took a little detour. Thank you everybody for your replies. Right now I am moving out of the house in Florida and have to visit my family in Russia. After all that I could make the decision about this trip. I apologize for not keeping up. But my Spanish is decent now, I can definitely get by!
Olga I am planning FL to AK next spring, maybe our paths will cross.
John Thanks for your interest.I am busy setting up a hostel so this is currently on hold.
6 years ago
Lauren Wow Olga, this sounds incredible. Right out of a tomb-raider style movie. I respect your intentions so much. Hope we can help you find some travel partners here at GT. Cheers
Olga Thank you! I have read some of your postings, you did a lot of travel. It's very encouraging to see that you came back in one piece lol.
7 years ago
Olga Thank you! I just learned that they use zip lines as a form of transportation in Peru! I am a total adrenaline junkie and would love to do that! 12,000 feet in the air nonetheless.
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