Hi! My name is Otto and I am 23 years old student from Estonia. One of my passion is traveling. I love organize my trips, not use travel agencies services. Due to this get a lot of more experiences . Ususally I traveling in summer, because the rest of the years i have studies and I also try to do some work to earn money for summer trips. If somebody looking for companions, then let me know, maybe i would like to join.

Last summer (2012) I traveled in Hawaii and California. So this year i am planning to stay in Europe and make at least one month trip in Europe.

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ottofom Hi! I am quite interested, if the dates are set. Then I can be sure and ask vacation from work.
ottofom Hil! I am Otto from estonia. I am thinking to do this summer a euro trip too and i am also looking for companions with whom to do this awesome expedition. So i would like to join with your trip. I dont have alot of ideas what to do and where to go, but i like to visit some historical places (i am a little bit history enthusiast) especially which is related with contemporary history. Also i like photograph, wanna go to some parties, do crazy things, hiking etc.
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