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Oulfakir Mohamed Welcome to morocco " oulfakir tours '' transport is an agency of tourism in Morocco. We organize trips excursions from morocco outside thetraditional tourist routes, arranging personal travel or in small groups.
ATVs have type Land Rover Defender and Toyota Land Cruiser and Minibus long, and camels in the desert. Accommodations depend on you and your budget (hotels, riads, hotels, Bivouac ...) All itineraries are custom designed according to yourdesire for adventure in desert , time and budget.
Organize camel trips where you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset from the dunes or traveling through the desert to reach the oasis where you will be greeted by our staff,who invited him to tea in nomad tent in the desert.
If you are interested, you can stay one night and enjoy the sunrise from the top of adune: Definitely a wonderful experience.

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