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crazyindian Hey, I am flying in sept. I will be in northern india and would be interested in meeting up with people for trekking/ travel
padx HI jordroth and all I failed this trip, so sorry all whom are interested it. Probably i go to India but no exact date, my visa is valid until mid of feb. and want to be stayed about 1-2 month. Daniel
8 years ago

ianalmond218 Hi Daniel,

I am currently in Kathmandu, looking around for trekking partners for the EBC from Jiri trek.

I was hoping to leave Kathmandu at the end of August or very early in Sept. I have to be back by the start of Oct because my brother is coming out for a few weeks, arriving on 2nd Oct. I reckon it would take about 4 weeks so the latest i could leave would be the very early in Sept. When do you arrive? Is that too early?

I am also planning as low a budget as possible, ie bus to Jiri, trek to Lukla, no guide etc. I have no tent, and was willing to tea house it, but would be willing to camp.

I recently trekked in Ladakh, (Chilling, Shingo, Yurutse, back to Leh) and it was great, i hear there have been heavy rain and floods in the region now tho.

Is there any chance you will be able to do EBC when i can?


padx HI I will arrive in Delhi at 25th of aug. and want stay in India during a month, later go to Nepal in early october and do Annapurna circuit(first part of oct.) and EBC. I ve found another partners for ABC and EBC, keep in touch and if my plans changes, i will inform you. Daniel
8 years ago
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