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pavel Sergey who wrote this post had asked me last spring to join a similar expedition that I was planning. Based on a clear agreement from Sergey I made a written commitment to buy a Land Rover and paid a deposit. A day before the payment was due Sergey personally confirmed to me and the seller of the car his enthusiasm to buy the car. Hours before the full payment was due to be made he walked away without any prior warnings or discussion of his concerns leaving me on my own to deal with the seller of the car about the deposit and commitment I made on Sergey’s and my behalf.

The cost to hire the Land Cruiser Sergey advertises is £3,500, so it is a bit unfair to say that “you will not be responsible for costs associated with car maintenance” while contributing a fixed $450 a month for 10 months and sharing the rest of the expenses. Do the math with 2 existing and 2 potential members of the team. There is nothing wrong with trying to recover costs, but the process should be transparent and fair.

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8 years ago
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