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Sheen Hi Phen! I joined this site some time ago when I created a trip to find fellow travellers to Spain, which is due next week. Unfortunately I found no one with matching availabilties but why not try to join other traveller's plans!
Thus, if you plan to pass by Belgium(Brussels), I could propose you to even stay at our place for 1 night or 2, depending on your pace of travel. We are a young couple with no kids, and I wouldn't mind knowing you and join you for some visits during a weekend, in Brussels this summer!
Brussels is well known for its food (fries, waffles, chocolates, mussels...), it's surrealism, the beer (we don't drink though), the Grand Place and lots more!!
Let me know if it sounds like a plan?

Phen Hey Sheen :), thanks a lot for the invite, that's very nice of you. You might've heard of the huge music festival that is happening in Boom, Belgium known as Tomorrowland. It has gotten major exposure this year and is definitely something I want to do, really badly actually haha. If all goes well, and I do get my tickets; perhaps we could have a little meet up over that festival weekend during July. That'd be cool :).
6 years ago
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