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Phite Would you be open to having a trooper for the mexico duration only?
Phite I am looking to purchase a new camera. Im not picky about brand but I wouldd like something that will pretty much hold up through anything like being tousled a in a bag or accidentally banged. Any suggestions?
Region | Western Europe Travel Forum 4 years ago
Todd Hi Phite. Be aware that the 'rugged' digital cameras usually sacrifice image quality. We had one for many years and now when we flick through pictures, many are just not useable. We wrote about our latest camera purchase here:
4 years ago
Phite Would you feel comfortable if someone went on the trip for only a duration of it?
Amy Minhyung Lee
Amy Minhyung Lee No, I need someone who can stay all of them. But, I wrote wrong date, it's from 11th Nov to 3th Jan, not Mar. Sorry. :)
5 years ago
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