Prasanna Mhatre I am owner of Perfect Angle Picturesque and also photographer, I have built my professional photographer career on sharing stories through the visual language of photography on Instagram. I have completed my Bachelor in management studies, MSc. In hotels and Tourism in India and then MBA in Business Administration in California Santa Clara County University.
I have traveled and worked in UK, Singapore, USA and Australia.
Coming to photography it started as a show-off then turn into hobby and now a passion.

I have established myself in India working of wedding, fashion, products & modelling photography.

I enjoys spending time with family and friends, sailing, sniffing malts, travelling, bike rids and music.
To come on this website I m looking for a travel freek, cute adjustable, modern and talking girl.. Iooks not that important but should be confident as she will be hosting a TV show based on travel... I will be starting the journey from India then Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia Dubai UK..... Let's see how many countries we cover.

Girls this isn't a joke but fact!!! there will hurdles,adventure, pain, smile, tears, food, jumping, riding bikes etcetc so let me know

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Name Prasannasrt11
Home Country India
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To eat a German "weisswurst" like the locals, what must you do with this white sausage?

Trivia: To eat a German "weisswurst" like the locals, what must you do with this white sausage?