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Pri Hi Div, your trip sounds great, I'm doing parts of the Himalayas in June this year, and possibly heading to Leh from Sonmarg, but would like to join your trip next year in April. Pls let me know when you've got further details of your plan.. Priya
Div Heyy! your trip sounds amazing! :) I have done parts of Himalayas in the to it from different parts of India..its absolutely beautiful..actually magnificient is a better way to describe it!! I am not going anywhere this year due to some health problems :( off trekking etc for atleast another year to two..sooo my Nepal trip is being postponed :( Not sure if you are keen to buy a voucher that I bought for a 12 day tour around Nepal and the annapurna region :) let me know and I am more than happy to pass you the details!! :) thx Divya
2 years ago
Pri Hi Soffia, I'd love to join you. I can go from Feb 2013 onwards. Also really keen to join a climbing group if you manage to get one started!
sofia Awesome! We should keep in touch :-)
3 years ago
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