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Hi, my names Rachel, I'm 19 years old and I'm looking to backpack around Europe next summer (2014)! None of my friends are that keen on backpacking this summer, and I don't want to wait another year, so I'm looking for some people who are also wanting to travel Europe this summer to travel with, as I don't really want to wander around Europe on my own :) I was hoping to camp while backpacking, and maybe stay in hostels the odd night. Was thinking about getting an interrail pass for the last month of the trip, but just gonna go with the flow for the first month or two and see were the road takes me. I'm up for visiting any country in Europe, I really wanna see Berlin and maybe go to Spain for a bit, but I'm flexible and not to bothered about not visiting them on this trip, there's always next time! :) I'm studying Audio Engineering at college and I know there's a lot of music festivals and things on in Europe during the summer, so I was thinking of maybe going to some of the smaller/local festivals on my travels! :) So if anyone else looking to backpack Europe this summer then get in touch, I need a travel buddy! :)

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Rachel Nelson
Rachel Nelson Hi there, im hoping to backpack aswell from june-july, maybe do a bit of inter railing in august! :) Love to join you, as i am also more interested in the experience and fun of it all, rather than being focused on making my way around as many countries as possible in one go! :)
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Rachel Nelson

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