'Retired' at the end of last year and headed to the Philippines on January 1, 2010 for a good friend's wedding. Traveled a bit through Asia (not so much hooplah as I lived in Asia for 3 years), went home for 2.5 months (Hawaii) then set out again on May 30. Spent 2.5 months in southern Africa (during World Cup). Hitting a total of 5 continents for another year or so...

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ulrike Tucker: do you know roughly the dates you'll be in each continent? It's hard to tell if I'll be in the same places because your list covers a whole year. For example, I'll be in Asia early 2011 onwards.
Todd Ulrike/Tucker, we'll be in India in Feb '11. Should catch up if you're around then. Also Tucker, we're in Montreal now. We'll be in Toronto for a wedding next weekend (3rd), maybe we can catch up before you go.
8 years ago
vagabond When in middle east? Theres a few of us here doing meet ups in egypt or jordan, depending on final dates.
8 years ago

TuckerWasHere Hey everyone - I'm still new to GlobeTrooper, so bear with me! Because I've bought an around the world ticket with OneWorld, the dates are flexible. However, I expect the trip to be something like this: Europe until mid Sep (ish), Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, kenya/Tanzania until end Oct... (depends if I decide to climb Kili or not). India, Nepal, Tibet until end of Nov, SE Asia for 2-3 months (until end of Feb). Australia for 6-8 weeks (visiting Family etc...), NZ for 3 weeks perhaps until May, then Los Angeles + visiting places in the US, visiting friends etc... until the end of June then back home to TO. Everything is flexi at this point, and I'm going to play a lot by ear and just go with the flow. I may chose to stay in certain places longer, or cut short other locations. I'm not sure! :)

Todd - a catch up would be great... send me a message directly and we can go from there. BTW, you HAVE to go to Boustan restaurant on Crescent. Great Lebanese food! I used to live around the corner and got to know the owners quite well - great price, great food if you like Lebanese! :)

8 years ago
reginatravelsworld real quick...doing the same thing I let end of May in in England...going to Russia, Jordan, Egypt after this...maybe you're around there now? Sorry, I don't know how to send you a private message so doing it on here...
7 years ago
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