Im 21, uni at Leeds, loving it, but want to travel!
bungees, sky dives, motorbikes, and seeing as much as possible, meeting as many new people as possible...anything, im up for it!

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Rich_Biker hey guys, change of plan, im leaving in 3 weeks!! ferry to hook of holland booked for the 3rd of June. The route has changed a little, mostly the same but its 6000 miles in 2 months, averageing 100miles per day, some big days, some days off.

Really sorry ive been offline for a while, finalists exams and all that jaaaazz. The link belows a long one, takes a few secs to load....,+Flemish+Region,+Belgium+to:Amsterdam,+The+Netherlands+to:55.53306,9.49665+to:Kopenhagen,+D%C3%A4nemark+to:Lubeck,+Germany+to:Berlin,+Germany+to:Olsztyn,+Poland+to:Kaunas,+Lithuania+to:Riga,+Latvia+to:55.86542,26.52016+to:Minsk,+Minsk+Province,+Belarus+to:Krakow,+Poland+to:Budapest,+Hungary+to:Salzburg,+Austria+to:Ljubljana,+Slovenia+to:Split,+Croatia+to:Bari,+Italy+to:Rome,+Italy+to:Zurich,+Switzerland&hl=en&geocode=FXjUEQMd5BL-_yl13iGvC6DYRzGZKtXdWjqWUg;FfxmDQMdsiMxACkNQh7B0FDDRzH3TYPIWvOiGg;FUAmHwMdPqZKAClVd5qUtT_GRzGNr8C3TP0AZg;FQReTwMdSuiQAClrSlzL-p5MRjF-7lECWJSnTw;FVvQUQMdhgDAACkjPYBcPFNSRjG4Z5Tm3X7dBA;Ffv7NQMdWxSjACnznQv3UwmyRzG0En4-V19y9A;FY1xIQMdSKTMACkBWQM_N06oRzFwO15bRiAhBA;FfaXNAMdd4A4ASnHGRQHLXniRjEPwlTPJoFqEA;FeioRQMdypFsASlD02excCLnRjG8izfH4NFLYQ;FWjvZAMdks9vASntPQflsM_uRjEw_vJozc8ABA;FUxwVAMdYKqUASklH_qT6pXCRjHh_kwlzc8AEw;FeByNgMdS6KkASnTah5b08_bRjHZcLXdU7hhCw;FQrt-wIdFFYwASnRGE41wEQWRzG_ikd2tbZrtA;FabE1AId9okiASnJz9TRNMNBRzFgER4MKcQABA;FdKD2QIdIjTHACmx1Aip3Zp2RzE99ypBoYPhwQ;FWKwvgId7VfdACnRhpiW9TFlRzEg7D-CHPgABA;FdrclwIdUuT6ACkX9bxr_F01EzGYn7Qx9o95oQ;FXGIcwIdG2QBASkhpbo4YOhHEzH7a5bJ8ooBRg;FSpGfwIdFHe-AClfFvCor2EvEzHVHDe_UYwMQA;FR_90gIdHT2CACkZor5JlwuQRzED3B_n8Y1u5g&mra=ls&via=3,10&sll=45.429299,14.80957&sspn=11.596441,19.709473&ie=UTF8&z=5&dirflg=d

Todd Hey Rich_Biker, your link got a little messed up in our system, so I've shortened it. For anyone who wants to check out the map for this trip, go here:
7 years ago
Rich_Biker im leaving on the 2nd of june now, doing a 2 month tour, so a little shorter, shorter route though...
JaimeDominguez If you had said earlier I might have joined but now I have June booked and in process of booking July... No one joined so I am delaying it for next year probably...
7 years ago
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