Hello, my name is Rikke, i'm 21 and from Denmark.
I'm looking for a group of people, who will make my summer holiday great and full of adventures.
I'm really open-minded for where we are going, as long as I'm with people who like adventures, and could see themselves skydive, bungeejump etc with me.

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RikkeRaben Hey there. I'm also planning to go interrailing in Europe this summer. I'm really flexible and open minded about the route and places to visit. I'm just looking for cool people to spend a nice summer with :-)
RikkeRaben Feel free to contact me, if you're still looking for people to travel with :-)
1 year ago
Tiia Hey! I start my interrail 13.7! First to France. Wanna join? :)
12 months ago
RikkeRaben Hey girl, it sounds like you are looking for the same kind of interrail as I am. Are you still looking for travel partners? Feel free to contact me.
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