Funny, Friendly, Wicked sense of humour with those who can catch on,outgoing and always looking for that next big adventure. Love humour, nature, wildlife and the great outdoors. Amature photographer in the making. I love living off the beaten track wherever I go. Normal is just boring and more often than not really noisy and crowded. Love finding new haunts. Been a DJ, Bungee Master, learnt SCUBA diving and caged dived with Great White Sharks, been white water rafting and coming up next...Sky Diving, Paragliding, Kloofing and every extreme sport possible :)!! Oh yeah and in between it's all about the intense partying and gastronomical delights I can find with all the fantastic people I meet along the way....(well ok not all are necessarily that fantastic)... but we always have a blast ;) So in short I'm up for almost anything and love having a good time.

Oh and more importantly - I don’t have a FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter or LinkedIn account because I don’t particularly want to be found. I only keep in touch with people that I truly value, and I wonder if those friends really know that :)

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In which Moroccan city must all buildings be red?

Trivia: In which Moroccan city must all buildings be red?