My name is Sami. Last year I did a study abroad in Seville, Spain. I've been all over southern Spain and some neighboring countries. I really enjoyed southern Spain and Italy. I'd like to hike the Cinque Terra this year! I love meeting people and traveled for 6 weeks by myself which is scary and challenging but it's an experience I think everyone should do, traveling with others is fun too, which brings me here!

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SamiSonks Hey! My name is Sami, I'm 24 and live in WI. I'm looking to go back over to Europe, mostly Spain/Italy but I would be open to any other traveling you want to do!
Paul Hey Sami, I will be flying into London on May 7th and Departing Rome on June13th. Anything in between is up in the air! It would be awesome to meet up along the way, stay in touch!
2 years ago
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