21 year old Canadian in Germany working right now until end of july. Looking to stay in europe to travel for a few more months at the end to see more and live as free as possible until heading back to Canada.

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samwanderluster Hey Sam, I'm Sam as well. I'm 21 from Ottawa but currently living in Southern Germany working as an au-pair and traveling on weekends and time off. I am done working by August and am hoping to backpack for a month or two. I've been thinking southwest europe like Spain and Portugal because ive never been. I've traveled quite a bit but no backpacking for any amiunt of time id consider long. Living like a hippie and having an amazig time for the last two months of me being in europe sounds like exavtly what I want to do. Message me if youre looking for a travel bud for that time slot!
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5 years ago
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