I am a 20 year old female currently studying abroad in Valencia, Spain. After my program ends on May 5th I plan to travel around Western Europe until my return flight on August 8th out of Brussels. Other than going to Ibiza, Kazantip Festival in Portugal, and Tomorrowland in Belgium I have no set plans. I will probably start in Spain and work my way East and North around Western Europe. I mostly want to meet new people, party lots, and see the major sights wherever I go. I've got money saved up for three months of traveling, but I'd prefer to do everything on the cheap and spend the extra on shows/festivals and crazy experiences. I'd love to meet up with anyone who wants to do some easygoing traveling, even if it's just for part of the summer. As a female there's safety in numbers, but I'd like male and female company. Let me know if you're interested in doing the same, and I'm definitely interested in going to more music events if anyone has heard of other big stuff going on this summer. I want to live it up while we're young and in Europe!

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Sarah Which Primavera Sound are you going to? I'll be at the one in Portugal if you want to meet up over there. Cheers :)
Sophie McNaught-Lee
Sophie McNaught-Lee Hi Sarah! Are you still planning on doing your trip? I land in Spain at the beginning of July if you were going to be around there?
Sarah HI Sophie :) I'm beginning in Spain so by July I'll probably be farther north in Europe, but I don't have anything set in stone so it's possible that I'll make my way back to Spain by then. How long are you going to be in Spain/Europe for?
3 years ago
Sarah Hey Trevor, I'm interested in seeing all of the same places and then some, and I would especially love some company for Ibiza and Tomorrowland. I'm in Spain right now for the semester so I'll be here for May as well. Are you flying into/starting in Barcelona? And where in Greece do you want to go? It's the only country not on my list, but I'd definitely be down to go. I also have a trip "Backpacking Europe - Summer 2012" if you want to check it out. Let me know what you think
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4 years ago
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