I'm at 22 year old recent college graduate who has put off graduate school in the hopes of doing some of the traveling that I've been dreaming of for years! I am definitely flexible about the plans, and have hopes to see areas all over Africa, Southeast Asia, and Australia, New Zealand and Fiji as well, although South East Africa and hiking Kilimanjaro, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam are all very high on the list. I am just looking for like minded people who don't mind roughing it who want to try everything, try to really experience local culture, and are easy going and open minded. I'm really flexible about trip details so I would love to speak more about possible travels together!

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SarahJill Hey Maxime! I'm in the very same position as you and had very similar travel aspirations for locations to hit, time frame, etc. I'd love to chat more about your plans!
Oropel Hey Maxime, the places that you have mentioned are where I want to go :-)! Except i've been to adelaide & sydney, not saying that I wouldn't go back but I would like to go to south america, tell me more.
7 years ago
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