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Teresa Nguyen
Teresa Nguyen Hi Maia, how are you plans going so far? I would love to meet you in a few countries if our schedules permits.
SDALI They're about the same so far... let's meet up! What does your schedule look like? I think I'm going to push back italy by a few days to get to venice on June 28th. I've also made a friend from California who's going to be flying into Berlin with me and traveling throughout most of the countries, so the more the merrier =]
4 years ago
Wanderson Diego
Wanderson Diego hey Maria... I added you on facebook and sent a msg to you...
SDALI Hi Diego, I've been super busy and don't know what happened to your message... but I just posted a potential itinerary of where I'll be going
5 years ago
Daniel Everett
Daniel Everett hey we leave on the same day! aha what are the odds! also going to be using the Eurail to get around and staying in Youth Hostels. Have you planned your trip out yet? I have. Lets see if we're in any of the same cities at the same time!
SDALI Ah I'm not sure it'll be exactly June 4th- but definitely that week and I'm just starting to plan it, but i'll let you know when i have it set in the next week or so. Where are you flying into? So far the cheapest flights I've found are into Munich, Barcelona, and Frankfurt
5 years ago
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