I'm 25 years old, looking to travel the world. I haven't set an itinerary yet, but before I make anything final, I thought I'd see if anyone wanted to join me.. I love doing basically anything adventurous, as I'm sure everyone else on this site does as well. I'm willing to try anything new (with maybe a few exceptions). My goal is to begin my excursion in the fall 2013 (probably in like September or October); I can't wait!

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SheenaY Hi. This has been my goal for a long time now.. to travel the world, but now I'm finally ready to do it.. I've been saving money for a while now and hope to begin my excursion around the world in the fall. I don't have anything set yet.. but if you are still interested in planning and going together, let me know!
Ivan AM IN
5 years ago
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