I'm 29, Canadian, currently finishing my dental residency in Rochester, NY (Yes.. I'm a dentist)...

I'm looking at traveling East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia) for 2-4 months, including climbing Kilimanjaro and going on a safari tour!
Scuba diving in Zanzibar would also be amazing!

I also plan on doing some dental volunteering in Mbale, Uganda for 1-2 weeks while over there.

I'm thinking of being over there Feb-March-April- May time (2013).

I enjoy hiking, scuba diving, sight seeing, meeting new people and having new experiences!
I also enjoy sunsets and long walks on the beach (I know its so cheesy but true :)

Anyone interested in joining for any length of the trip, or have any suggestions of other places I could check out to hook up with fellow travelers?

Much Appreciated!!
Lauren :)

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