very friendly, i like to make friends and to chat with anybody,
very outgoing.
smoking: trying to quit.

traveling, picnics, BBQ, fishing, Reading, Swimming.sand dunes crossing, camping, clubing.

when i travel i love to mix my plan with advetures and go to quiet places and just chill and try tropical drinks and food.
intrested in jazz and blues pubs. but i dont mind to go clubbing.
i would love to go fishing,drive jet skis.
in general: i am open to any suggestion that is fun and intresting.
please feel free to join me.
or contact me on

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SSA Still on track....
Trip | Relaxing Thailand
Travel Forum
7 years ago
SSA Hi, how is Hong Kong, im traveling to Thailand on 1st of march, contact me if there is a spot for me.
Trip | South East Asia!!!
Travel Forum
7 years ago
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