Hey, I'm Nazli from Istanbul. I'm a 20 years old med student and a total movie buff. My plans for this summer is traveling around Europe, no one i know is available and i am not courageous enough to do it on my own. So here i am looking for easy going travel buddies. Currently I don't have a specific plan but i would like to discover new places and enjoy night life.

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stuntgirlscar Hey I am really interested in joining your trip=) If its still available message me!
Shameem I'm open to visit pretty much anywhere within my budget and time. Send me a message on here or email me at if you are in.I am on Facebook if you are interested.
5 years ago
stuntgirlscar Hi Scottyk, I am Nazli from Istanbul. Your trip sounds like what i was planning. So maybe i would like to join you guys. Let me know about your plans if interested=)
stuntgirlscar Hey Payton, my name is Nazli. I am 20 from Istanbul, Turkey. I would like to join your trip, sounds like what i was planning before reading yours=) keep me updated if its still available!
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