I have lived half of my 40yrs in India and the other in UK. I like exploring places, cuisines, cultures, languages, art, history and architecture.

I want to do the following circuits and seeking a like minded travel buddy:
1. Trans-Mangolian train journey
2. Bali, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma
3. Bhutan
4. Andaman Nicobar Islands
5. Eastern Europe loop
6. Mediterranean circuit of Italy, Spain, Portugal etc

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Sue Same age and can consider meeting you somewhere to start this trip. I have been looking for a travel partner too for eastern europe, Mediterranean area, turkey Morocco.
Sue Have you started on the trip or still looking for a travel partner? I am keen but I am still in india.
mosaicmoth Would you be interested in traveling to other countries in SE Asia as well? This trip plan looks great to me :)
Trip | 4 months Asia
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3 years ago
Kayla Hi ladies, I believe we are all in the same boat. I would love to travel all around SE Asia but are you set on your dates and Denise have you purchased your tickets? -kayla
3 years ago
Sue Hello girls, I am on the verge of booking a month long plan with a travel company. I wonder if you guys have already started. I cant spare 4 months but I want to do Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Bhutan, Bali. Any thoughts?
3 years ago
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