Traveled all the way up to the northern parts of Canada and Alaska down and through the US and Mexico... traveled through Cuba, Thailand, Bali and Cambodia as well as England, Holland, France and Italy. Each trip was for cultural immersion.

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SunnySideUp I recommend Big Valley Alberta's Creationist Science Museum. It's one of two in North America and a definate cultural experience....then head to the Tyrell museum in Drumheller. There is also the gopher hole museum in Torrington. Really you can't go 'wrong' stopping in the smaller town in Alberta. Each one is an 'experience' and gets better with the 'night life'. You will experience some true red neck culture here for sure. Also Saskatchewan... cultural experience... head to Prince Albert.
Lauren Thanks for the tips Sunny :) Are you in Alberta? Or originally from there? Do you know where is the best place to see the Northern lights in Canada? I thought maybe Edmonton but not sure... will do some research
8 years ago
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