Fun, outgoing, adventurous girl from California that wants to travel South America. I love to have a great time, travel, and immerse myself in everything to have the greatest experiences possible.

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Susana Hello! How is your trip going? I will be traveling through South America June 2013-August. I only have 2 solid months but am very flexible! Im looking for a travel group and any tips you have. I have already been through a lot of Argentina, part of Uruguay and around Machu Picchu/ Cusco, so I won't be going back there but would love to go everywhere else. If you have any questions about those areas, let me know!
Yvonne Hi Susana, I will be arriving in South America sept 8th so we will just miss each other! As for tips, I have never been there so it sounds like you can give me some! How have you found your trip so far? Are you travelling alone?
5 years ago
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Name Susana
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