I am currently a 17 year old girl about to enter my senior year of high school. I work at two different ranches doing all sorts of neat things. The plan is to go on from high school into college and start on a career. However I would like to change that last bit. It seems that everyone I know is taking the exact same path, and it's not that it's not a good path. In fact it is the secure and smart one. But a couple of weeks ago an older friend of mine who is attending college paid my sister and I a visit. While we were out at dinner she told us all about college life, and I had never felt more scared in my life. It sounded to be near the exact same as the life I was and am already leading. And after college? What would be after college other then a mundane career. I don't much care for the fact that I can predict where I'm gonna be in ten years. I am ready to start a life that I actually feel like I'm living in. So I'm looking for a group of folks who want another partner for a sailing trip. Now I do have to say that I don't have any experience sailing, however I love to learn and I love to work hard!

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