News Feed of Comments Hey Damien, I'm looking at a similar route starting in Peru ending in Europe (check out my trip). However, I don't plan on leaving until the end of the summer possibly late fall.
7 years ago
Damian Hi tmouzon, we divinely have some similarities on our interest and locations. I'll message you with my info so we can stay in touch. I'd like to start during the 1st quarter, but still have a bunch of things to do so it may slip a while.
7 years ago Hi Ludmila, I'm planning something very similar around the same time frame!
Ludmila Hi there, please keep me posted on your travel plans so that we could meet up or travel a part of the route together
7 years ago Hey guys, I'm planning the same trip about the same time as well!
Lauren Hi there, I'm from Sydney but have been travelling the world for the last 18 months. I might be back in Oz when you're there, so let me know if you want to meet up for a beer. Sure thing, thanks!
7 years ago
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Trivia: What canal joins the Red and Mediterranean Seas?