I went on a 6month solo trip to Europe a few years ago and have never felt happier, learnt more or loved life as much as I did whilst overseas. I love traveling and wanted to save up and go again the second i got home.. but i didn't. i felt like i should sort out my life and start a career. but i couldn't choose what i wanted that career to be because i want to do everything.
so two years later im giving up on that and going back to travel again :D

I'm a party girl but I also love history and seeing the sights.
I love being in big crazy busy city's but also love having a unique experience off the beaten track and meeting the locals.
I'm very creative and enjoy photography, art, writing, music, photography, fashion, events and anything involving design.

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Toryjane Hi I did Europe a couple of years ago now and loved it. I'm dying to do some more travel and am tossing up a wide variety of different options, Africa being one of them. The only thing I'm sure of is that I want to do something this year and since you've also travelled and sound keen to do something this year also, I think we should chat some more. :)
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6 years ago
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