My reason for joining globetrooper? I would like to find some like-minded travelers that enjoy independent travel, but pause before booking trips they want because traveling alone means getting whacked with hefty "single supplement" charges (what a waste of money!!) or because they want to explore places or do things where going solo is not recommended. Expanding my network of friends around the planet through meetups is also great -- it always makes future travel more interesting and convenient when I have local friend to meet up with, or if we click and the person is really a good fit, to consider a "house swap" with (I currently live in Hawaii).

About me: I was badly bitten by the travel bug early in life and it ignited a passionate itch to immerse (and re-immerse) myself in "other world" sights, sounds, cultures, flora, fauna, languages, cuisines.... well, I realize now at 40+ that this is not just a passing phase, but rather, my desire to learn about and experience the world is a chronic, incurable condition.

Who are my ideal travel partners? Interesting and well-traveled would be nice! Independent, even-keeled, sense of humor, considerate, respectful of other cultures (and well, that means other people, too :), and integrity is key! ...oh yes, and of course, good personal hygiene if we're rooming together!

What is my travel style? Ideally when given the choice, my preference is to linger, absorb, and savour the feel of a place and find some of its hidden corners (vs. a madcap race of 'tag, you're it'). I like to go find where the locals enjoy their meals, or better yet connect with a local friend (or friend of a friend) and join them for one. That said, I also enjoy the anonymity and the solitude that traveling as a stranger in a strange land affords. I'm someone that thoroughly enjoys having company, making new friends, and sharing, but I also need solo quiet time, so if you're looking for a partner in crime that you're attached to at the hip 24/7 every single day, that's not me.

What are my travel habits? Travel-bug bitten: yes / Bed-bug bitten: NEVER. Simple, clean, and budget conscious: great / Human filth, mold, mosquito-roach-crime-infested: not where I'd choose to sleep. Could I rough it if there was no choice? Yes, in a pinch I will adapt, but that's where doing our homework, planning, and/or a little extra $ can help. My ideal for longer term travel is to establish a home base by renting a flat and then taking trips that radiate out from there. While I generally live modestly and can live very simply on a budget, on balance I will splurge on some of the finer things in life (dinner cruise on the Seine, Cafe Demel, and the Staatsoper anyone?) or to take a respite from a long journey in a place with creature comforts.

What else? I enjoy museums, art, music, nature... and I LOVE good food. It's not unusual for me to gain 10 lbs after allowing myself to indulge in things I don't have at home while eating my way through Europe, but I'm otherwise very health conscious. I'm not an Amazon that thinks I can conquer Mt. Everest (unless they build a funicular), but I do enjoy wandering in nature and I love snorkeling. I happen to be a non-drinker, but don't mind if my friends enjoy in moderation. I'm also a non-smoker. During my travels in Asia and Europe, I think I've inhaled enough second hand to qualify me as chain smoker, but honestly I would avoid partnering with fellow travelers that are smokers. People drenched in heavy perfumes or colognes and/or smoking Marlboros are kryptonite for me.

Ha, ha ... maaaan, this makes me sound so uptight, but I'm not, I'm just brutally honest (: ~ ... and detail-oriented... haha!! In reality, I'm pretty easy going and adaptable (kind of a prerequisite for anyone to actually -enjoy- traveling around the world).

So, how about you? Let's meet up, maybe do some traveling together, and explore, have fun, and bring back amazing memories from the near and far corners of the world!

Travel around the world indefinitely

Travel around the world indefinitely
I'm a foodie / programmer / amateur photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm currently traveling around the world while wo... more
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