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After not have been travelling the last couple of years I decided it is time to go again. This time Im going 4 weeks to Indonesia(see my trip) Flying out of DK end of Aug. and landing in Bali. From there I'm catching a flight to Flores and backtracking back to northern Bali. Would surely like to meet other travellers going the same way. Send me a message and lets see what can happen :)

Cheers Poul

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Travellingpoul Hi there Are you gonna be in Indonesia end of August 2012?
Ayu B.
Ayu B. Hi Poul, I dont actually have the means to join your exciting trip although I'm just dropping a line here to tell you honestly that you will love Indonesia! I'm originally from Jakarta, and perhaps you might want to add the city to your itinerary even though Bali is beyond beautiful as well. Good luck with your trip and enjoy the sunny tropics of Indonesia!
Travellingpoul Hi Ayu If I have the time I most likely will :) Was actually thinking of taking a 5 day trip to Java seeing Borobrodur and Mt. Bromo, but 4 weeks is a very little time, if I want to do Flores and Bali too. And Tnx :) Poul
6 years ago
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