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Mike H
Mike H Hi Sophia, Do you have any set date for your trip yet? I'm currently saving up the moolar for something extravagant and this is something that has really taken my eye! I really want to get some dates planned so that I can book the time off work :) Hi Mike/Sophia I would strongly suggest a minimum of 7+ days for the Kilimanjaro climb as the success rate is higher due to good acclimatisation. Dont be tempted to rush your ascent with budget operators, you will suffer. Also consider a night at the crater, most people dont even know they can stay there and its awesome!!! Have a look at Trekili Eco Expeditions,
6 years ago
MAD You should join us on our trip! We have a trip taking off on June 19-July 2! You will also get to volunteer at an orphanage and go on safari!
5 years ago Hey all those that want to climb Kili, check out where all your questions about the climb will be answered. I will also be climbing at any time during 2013 for those interested in joining me, Roger :)
Ayush Nehra
Ayush Nehra Roger..Interested for September?
6 years ago
Ataube I plan to in sept
6 years ago
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