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Trekili Eco Expeditions provides the highest standard of Mt Kilimanjaro trekking and safari experiences in East Africa. We are a company that values and celebrates the environment, ensures our clients receive the best care and attention with safety paramount, combined with quality equipment, facilities, superb cuisine, medical services, the highest trained staff; and reinvests in the local community, particularly through good conditions for our staff.

Our ethically, socially and environmentally based Mt Kilimanjaro/Mt Meru trekking and Serengeti Safari Company is locally based in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa with a branch in Australia. We are duly registered company in Tanzania with the Business Registrations and Licensing Agency and Tanzanian Revenue Authority. We hold a TALA license to conduct Mt Kilimanjaro hikes.

Our equipment is brand new and of the highest quality. We maintain the highest standards in service delivery and our strategic partnership with Global Rescue and the flying doctors (AMREF) ensures that client’s safety needs are foremost. We maintain membership with the Tanzanian Association of Tour Operators (TATO) and Leave No Trace, who’s principles we apply to all our operations.

Nothing is left to chance in ensuring that the customer experience is of the highest standards. We have a strong business model and a strong commitment to capacity building and sharing technical expertise with our indigenous population through access to employment, training, quality living wage and improved living conditions. Labour and consumables are all sourced locally in order to ensure a sustainable and localized business model.
We pay our team members a decent living wage (this does not occur with budget operators), update equipment regularly to maintain the highest standards of customer service and care, offer a quality menu and ensure that we meet the highest safety standards with no compromise on client or crew safety.

Let's climb Kilimanjaro!

Let's climb Kilimanjaro!
I haven't plan this trip much, all I know is that I really want to climb Kilimanjaro and I don't want to do it alone. I'm stil... more
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Trekili Eco Expeditions

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