Life isn't a spectator sport! I prefer to collect experiences than possessions and share them with like-minded souls who enjoy a bit of indulgence mixed up with real adventure. If there's a river to paddle - I'm there!

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Trinkets Hey poms, I regularly paddle in SA and might be able to join you for some of the trip, and probably advise on local conditions (or put you in touch with people who can).
5 years ago
xistinchaos Hi Charlie, I am definitely interested! I am heading to the Gobi for the Gobi Crossing 2011 in a months time and this sounds like the next thing I'd like to do. I am an experienced amateur kayaker and can get access to practice here in Pune, India, where I live. Will we encounter a lot of rapids as we float downstream?
7 years ago
Trinkets Hi Charlie, it's a great trip! I'm familiar with the South Australian section, especially around Renmark and regularly paddle / camp the backwaters and creeks. Happy to join you when you make it to there... You might find some info at too. Water is still nice and high after northern rains so the flow is good and predicted to hold. Good luck with your plans!
6 years ago
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