Hello! My name's Ty. I'm an inspired kiwi traveler from the little island called New Zealand. I've just graduated uni and taking a year off to just travel around.

I will be working in America for 6 months starting an internship at Walt disney which finishes in June. After, I'm planning to backpack through Europe for around 3 months. Looking for some travel buddies to meet up or travel around with.

I'm an easy going person, I like adventurous things and I love experiencing new cultures. Oh and I'm also half Thai half Dutch. :)

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ZacDiamond Hi Ty. I'm Diamond, 19 years old from the UK. I'll be backpacking Europe through the summer too. I have no plans yet and am very flexible- I'd like this trip to be as spontaneous as it can be. I'm looking for travel partners too and I'm very interested in your travel plans. Please do let me know more. Take care
Ty Hey zac! I hardly go on this site so email me in tai-04@hotmail.com I'll love to talk to u more about your travel plans and yea. As far as my plans I haven't really planned an itinerary or anything yet, but I'm planning on getting a 3 month eurail global pass and go from there!
6 years ago
Ty Hey sounds like we are in the same situation with the being a student and having limited cash part! I'm planning to start my euro trip early September and travel til end of November. Would love to meet up along the way and maybe travel to a few places with! I'll also be using the interail global pass.
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