It's time for an adventure. Africa - Asia in 12 months. May even tack on South America for a total of 18-24 months.
Only one rule - no rushing.
Low Budget. Hostels. Street Food. Not a partying trip - that's a budget buster. Will there be the occasional beer, live music? Absolutely!
I'm carrying my own tent and couchsurfing, not always staying at hostels. Hoping to meet some interesting people along the way. Do some fun things: hiking, diving, sightseeing, woofing, volunteering, with a few lazy days tossed in for good measure.
I'm a gal, early 30s, from the US.
If you want to join me: africaxasia at gmail


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Edwina Grace Storie
Edwina Grace Storie Hello! I'm a business travel writer (and freelancer on the side) and I'm going to be in Africa for a work from late Feb to mid March. After my work schedule I have time off to travel between 1-13 March. Would it be possible if I come along for the ride for a week or two? I can meet at any city - will fly in from Jo'burg. Or are you unsure of specific dates that you'll be in destinations? - Edwina
Arek Unfortunately, no places left till end of March (to the end of the first stage - Marcocco- South Africa)
7 years ago
utrippin Hi! What's the next stage? I arrive in South Africa March 31. I plan to travel Africa overland, up to Kenya, through Egypt, then likely on to the Middle East. I'll be in Africa several months with no set schedule. Planned on using public transport and the occasional car hire. Would love to meet up with your group or join if there is still space. Visited your site. Outstanding photos. Haven't read/translated to English yet though.
6 years ago
utrippin This trip sounds Perfect! In the event you started a few months later than anticipated, please let me know. I'm headed to South Africa in April. Would love to do this very journey. africaxasia@gmail.com
utrippin Where will you be April - Oct? I'm looking for some company in Southern and Eastern Africa...
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