Hey ! Names Victoria...or Vikki =)

Im a 22 ( 23 in August ) year old female looking to see the world! Why not..lifes too short!! Looking to have fun meeting new people, getting into a drunken mess, dancing the night away, learning how people live, trying new foods, working in different jobs! I currently live in Scotland, UK.

Ive just returned from a years travelling of Australia which was out of this world. Had some of the most amaaazing experiences I think I will probably ever come across! Lived in Melbourne for most part of the year. Road trip to Sydney for New Year ( which was incredible! ). Tazmania - lived in the middle of a rainforest in an eco resort working there with some of the most amazing, nicest people ever! Kayaking inbetween shifts with wild dolphins, trekking and hiking with many other wildlife. Then living in a campervan from Melbourne right through the South Coast and up to the top of the West Coast and back down to Perth. I had the most amazing time of my life and wouldn't change it for a second! ( Other than having to come home! ) I am now looking to continue the adventure! Looking to get to Canada, Asia, Europe....to be honest all over!

I am an administration office worker and I also work in a bar. As you can imagine Ive also had an array of jobs whilst working and travelling in Oz.

I have a very up-beat bubbly nature. I love meeting new people and learning new cultures and different ways of living. I am easy going and love trying new things. I get along with most people and feel I am easy to travel along with too.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask =)

Vic x

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