I'm 24 and I've always been delaying the day I would travel because I was not ready to go on my own.

My old dreams have come back to haunt me lately.

I would love to see the world from my own eyes and am looking for people to share the experience with.

New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Scotland are tempting me but I'm obviously open to other destinations :)

I don't know exactly when, I don't know exactly where but my aim is to go at least to one of those wonderful places before August 2012.

I you're willing to plan a trip with me, let me know.

(Sorry for my English :p).

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Yahena Hello! Any precise dates for England :) ?
Sherri Sorry, it has been a while since i've been contacted on here....almost lost hope. Because of my job, i am only able to go at the end of October, after the 15th. looks like you wanted to go before August, which i am unable to do. would this work in your schedule?
7 years ago
Yahena Hi! Am looking for a traveling partner too but just around Europe for now. When are you going?
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