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Yaykili Anyone interested in doing Kili in the beginning of January? I'm hoping to do it the first week of January- let me know! I would love to get a group together.
Wild Guanabana
Wild Guanabana Hey there have a trip thats taking off on the 27th of December in time to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro for New Years! we already have 5 people signed up so you can join them if you like. the dates are 27th of December - 3rd of January. you can reach us at GetMeOnAPlane@WildGuanabana.com for more information. We have taken over 200 people to this mountain and our summit success rate is 98% so we are experts when it comes to Kilimanjaro :)
6 years ago
Bart Hi Yaykili, My friends and I are going to Kili in the first half of Feb. We have got our tickets booked and all has already been arranged. Let me know if you are still thinking of going. Thx. Bart
5 years ago
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