USA Wild West trip

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Dates 31 Aug '13 to 8 Sep '13

Flexible? Yeah, sure

Est. Cost 150 - 250 USD (USD United States Dollars)

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Name USA Wild West trip

Plan: Visit the city highlights during the morning. Ready to start driving around 3pm!
Staying in: Somewhere along the road next to Mojave National Preserve. There is a KOA camping in Needles if we don't find anything better.
Time on road: 250 miles, 3h30’
Plan: Drive a good part of the mythical Route 66 through Arizona. Then Grand canyon, spending there the day until sunset.
Staying in: There are a few free campings near the grand canyon. Apparently we can have a shower in the Park, and also in the village Tusayan.
Time on road: 250 miles, 4h
Plan: Going early to Grand canyon and seeing a different part, maybe hiking down to the bottom of the canyon if possible. Long drive at the end of the day around the canyon.
Staying in: CAMPING NEAR ZION NATIONAL PARK (to be confirmed...)
Time on road: 245 miles, 4h45m
Plan: Explore Zion national park or any other interesting spot. There is time to do hiking, in the park there are many options. Drive to Las vegas at the end of the day and have some fun. It can be one of the shortest drives of the trip.
Staying in: Las Vegas, hostel
Time on road: 163 miles, 2h30m
Plan: Leave Las vegas before lunch if that is possible. Drive through Death Valley.
Staying in: stay in any campsite between death valley and Manzanares. Emigrant campground or something better. Showers or water if possible..
Time on road: 180 miles, 3h30m
Plan: Drive to Yosemite between amazing mountains and scenery. Need research to see what options do we have, There are plenty of amazing things to see on the way.
Staying in: Yosemite natural park. It looks really busy here, I will need to look into a good place to stay that doesnt require us to arrive too early there (so we have time to see things on our way).
Time on road: 190miles 3h20m
Plan: Do some serious hiking in the amazing park. I want to climb Half Dome if possible, that will take the whole day.
Staying in: Yosemite.
Time on road: 0
Plan: Another day in the park, see a different area or do a different route/hike. Driving to San Francisco later on.
Staying in: San Francisco. I booked hostel here.
Time on road: 195 miles 4h
Plan: Sightseeing in San Francisco.

USA Wild West trip

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USA Wild West trip


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  • San Francisco
  • Big Sur/Highway 1
  • Yosemite national park
  • Las Vegas
  • Death Valley
  • Grand Canyon


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