Popular Things To Do in Haiti - Visit The Caribbean Country of Haiti

Haiti (Haitian Creole: Ayiti, French: Haïti) is a Caribbean country that occupies the western one-third of the island of Hispaniola. The eastern two-thirds of Hispaniola is occupied by the Dominican Republic. The North Atlantic Ocean lies to the north, while the Caribbean Sea lies to the south. Haiti is a country with a troubled past, and its future still remains uncertain. Decades of poverty, environmental degradation, violence, instability, dictatorship, and coups have left it the poorest nation in the western hemisphere.

Tourists who are unsettled by grinding poverty probably should visit elsewhere. However, for those with patience and an open mind, Haiti reveals a rich culture that is unique among post-colonial nations.
On 12 January 2010, Haiti was struck by a powerful earthquake centered near Port-au-Prince. Major parts of Port-au-Prince are leveled, including government buildings, and thousands are injured, missing, or dead. Non-essential travel to Haiti is highly discouraged due to the lack of infrastructure and closure of most tourism facilities and hotels. Volunteering and work in the country are possible but arrangements must be made in your home country with either the government or an international aid organization before you leave.
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