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Where to Get a Passport Photo in 2019

A passport photo is one of the required documents to get a passport. It has specifications that a picture must have and if not followed, cannot be used. There are many places you can go and get a passport photo taken. Some people prefer to do it instead of paying for the service. Others prefer […]

How to Buy the Best Travel Insurance in 2018

Traveling is undoubtedly a loved and cherished recreation for all. It does entail a number of expensive buys and hiring elements. You would need a thorough brush up with tips to buy travel insurance to protect all belongings. Travel insurance is like a license to your peace of mind while you are traveling. It provides […]

Best Ways to Explore Spain in 2018

With the second largest tourism industry in the world, Spain has plenty to offer any visitors to the country. The country includes the mainland of Spain, as well as the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. Here is a brief overview of what people can expect when they go on vacation to Spain. Explore Spain’s […]

Globetrooper Weekly Trip Roundup November 24th 2011

Globetrooper connects travelers, adventurers and even casual vacationers with the travel partners and companions that they need. Not every person is the kind of individual who has lots of available friends for global adventures. Even for those Globetroopers lucky enough to be in a relationship, where is the guarantee that partners are going to possess […]

Barcelona 2018: Best of Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is an incredibly popular European city for travelers of all ages and interests. Young explorers, in particular, seem enthralled by the cities diversity. Indeed, no city in Europe mixes cosmopolitan style with regional flair quite like Barcelona. The city’s well-kept public spaces and diverse population give it a modern, international feel. At the same […]