Things To Do in South Sudan

South Sudan may be one of the worlds newest countries but it is a bitterly divided new nation that joins the African continent. The new capital city of South Sudan is called 'Juba.'

South Sudan is a landlocked country and one of the poorest nations on Earth. The poverty that afflicts the south Sudanese people is not helped by the facts that South Sudan sits in a conflict zone and extremely volatile part of Africa.

In South Sudan, the infrastructure is damaged or nonexistent with few functioning roads and public facilities such as reliable water and gas supplies.

The threat of hostilities and violence deters western investors and those that otherwise might wish to help mend this fractured state. Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army is still very visible, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic remain a threat to the west of South Sudan.

Threats to stability emerge also from Ethiopia in the east of South Sudan with occasional uprisings and even despite being a new country the border is still not finalized and agreed. Internal power struggles between factional warlords are also a risk to democracy and a young economy. The fledgling government in Juba has a long road ahead if it wishes the people of South Sudan to have prosperous future built on trade, independence, and peace.

Khartoum in Sudan probably does not help stability in ensuring that the south remains in a state of continual disarray, struggling against finding funding to build the economy and dealing effectively with the ongoing threats of violence from neighboring states and from within South Sudan itself.

As a destination for adventure travelers, South Sudan would not be recommended save for those who crave danger and unreasonable risk.
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