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The First Lesson in Italian Expresso

by Globetrooper Chris | Add a Comment

If you are fan of the Italian kitchen and the great wines that come along with it you should be aware that another imperative part of the Italian culinary culture is coffee.

When you are staying in Rome apartments peek into any café or bar in the morning, it will be packed with people standing at the counter ready to order, but don’t be fooled to think that espresso and cappuccino is all there is to it.

As a matter of fact there is a long list of variations that would make a coffee tasting just as worthwhile as a wine tasting.

The first session starts today where you will read about the different types of espresso, so that you can order exactly what you want:

Italy is well known for it's fine coffee

Italy is well known for it's fine coffee


The Espresso Coffee Recipe

Espresso also known as Caffè Normale is the classic among the Italian coffees. In its purest version it is a shot of espresso in a small porcelain cup.

It is drunk after meals and comes in different variations depending on the amount of water used (more water Caffè Lungo, less water Caffè Corto/ Caffè Ristretto), temperature (a cold espresso is a Caffè Freddo), decaf (Caffè Decaffeinato), a double portion (Caffè Doppio).

A Caffè con Panna is espresso with whipped cream on top and a Caffè in Vetro which literally means café in glass is an espresso served in a small glass instead of a porcelain cup, which apparently changes the flavor of the coffee.

Speciality coffees are found everywhere in Italian Coffee Houses

Speciality coffees are found everywhere in Italian Coffee Houses

How Well Do You Know Italian Coffee?

To put your knowledge of great coffee to the test when you are spending a couple of days in one of the apartments in Rome take a look at some of these great coffee houses that can be found around the city:

Caffè Greco, Via Condotti 86

Though, it might be a little expensive due to its location in one of the most exclusive shopping streets this café is one of the oldest in Rome and for this fact it is worth a visit.

Caffè S. Eustachio, Piazza S. Eustachio 82

You will be able to tell from the amount of people that this is a very popular café bar. Some even call it THE espresso institution.

La Caffettiera, Piazza di Pietra

If a stylish ambience is what you are looking for to have your espresso this is the right place to go.

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