Globetrooper Does the 7 Links Project

By Lloyd C | Updated July 11th, 2011

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In concert with TripBase and the many cool bloggers who nominated us, here are our favourite posts over the past year or so. For those who don’t know, this is an initiative to bring travel bloggers together. Basically we pick posts that correspond to 7 categories and then nominate 5 other travel bloggers to do the same. Many thanks to Lily, Troy and Wes for the nominations.

Most Beautiful Post

I think Lauren’s post on her experience in the Gobi Desert is our most beautiful post. It’s beautiful in the way it conveys the pain of desert life and tries to glorify it. Many people commented that they could feel her struggle through the words. She only has one week left to complete the 1,000 miles and then we’ll see each other for the first time in more than 2 months.

Most Popular Post

Our most popular post is a research piece on drinking sea water. It’s actually quite fascinating 🙂 I’d always heard that you shouldn’t drink sea water, but I wanted to know why. I knew if I became stuck out at sea and didn’t know exactly why I shouldn’t drink sea water, then I’d probably just drink it when I became thirsty enough. I really like this post because I learnt a lot.

Most Controversial Post

By far our most controversial piece is about visiting San Pedro Prison in Bolivia. It’s illegal to pose as a relative of an inmate to enter the prison, which we did, so some people disapproved. To date, it’s by far our favourite travel experience. There were no guards on the inside, just on the outside. We had to call a convict in the prison and arrange for an English speaking inmate to allow us in as relatives. What a rush.

Most Helpful Post

We received a lot of positive comments about our “how to” guide on solar powering a MacBook. It’s quite a complex topic. So I went right into the detail to explain how anyone could build their own highly-efficient solar power laptop rig. There’s an in-built electrical science lesson too 🙂

Post Whose Success Surprised Us

I did a technical piece on the financial possibility of traveling the world on equity and using geo-arbitrage to reduce costs. It was more to articulate and cement my own ideas, so I was pretty happy to see other people interested too. It’s certainly not for everyone, and it certainly has risks, but it can work.

Post We Feel Didn’t Get Deserved Attention

All of them! Just joking. No, truth be told, I’ve written some real crap in my time. I’m not proud of it and have (sort of) vowed to focus on quality over quantity. That said, the post I really think deserved a bit more attention was a series I did on the science of altitude sickness. I loved writing those posts, but clearly most travelers weren’t interested. I should stick to comparing types of beer or commenting on snoring habits in hostels 🙂

Post We Are Most Proud Of

I’m most proud of two types of posts: 1) great stories, and 2) good research and scientific findings. I’ve mentioned my favourite story already, the one about the prison, but there’s another one we throughly enjoyed in Peru. At the time it was one of the most harrowing experiences ever. Our feet were torn to pieces, my hands had swollen to twice their size, and we thought we’d never ever get out of the jungle.

5 Other Blogger Nominations

These guys may have been nominated before, but they’re bloggers who write well. They either tell great stories or provide useful information.